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Ziggurat Cuisine Restaurant Makati

A Ziggurat is a temple, specifically a stairway to link the earth to heaven in the ancient times. Thus in living up to our name, we have exerted the best effort to make your dining experience divine.

Ziggurat cooking is builtĀ  upon elements that appeal to our senses. It is an experience that combines the aroma of the food (appealing to the nose), its appearance (appealing to the eyes), its taste (appealing to the tongue), the sizzling platters, crispy barbeques and crunchy breads (appealing to the ears) and the feel of the food against the lips, teeth, and tongue when we chew and swallow (thus appealing to the tactile senses of the palate).

Ziggurat Cuisine is authentic, following traditional recipes from each region with only the intensity of spiciness being toned down to levels acceptable to the local clientele. This way, all the spices and herbs of the food can be fully appreciated and enjoyed. Each dish crafted carefully to have its own distinct flavor that emphasizes the freshness of the ingredients.

Thus, we apologize in advance if, on occasion, some dishes may be out of stock due to the unavailability of particular fresh ingredients.

But always, we serve you our best, each time with an ancient Arab saying in mind: "One's eating shows one's love."

Ahlan Wa Sahlan.


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